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Welcome All of our Junior Members and their Parents and Guardians

Kooragang Open cycle club would like all its junior member to be aware of the maximum gear roll out for each age group.
Below is a guide of roll out for each age division

Under 19.. 7.93 meters
Under 17.. 7.00 meters
Under 15.. 6.00 meters
Under 13.. 5.50 meters
Under 11.. 5.50 meters
But what does this mean you ask.

When the bike is in the largest gear (big ring on the front, smallest gear on the back) it must travel less then 7.93 m when the pedals are turned exactly one full circle.  This is tested by doing what is called a “roll-out”.  At the race, the commissaire will shift your bike into the largest gear available (biggest front, smallest back), and then roll it backwards watching one pedal.  When the pedal goes around exactly one time, the distance will be marked.  If it is more than 7.93 meters the bike will be illegal, and you will not be able to ride.  At the end of the race the same check will be done, and if your bike fails, you will be disqualified. 
So how do I comply? 

The easiest way is to “block out” some of the gears on the back.  If you have a 52 tooth "big ring" on the front you must block off all gears smaller that 14 on the back or other appropriate for your age..  If you have a 53 tooth "big ring" you must block off all gears smaller than 15. The best way to do this is to adjust the limit screw on your rear derailleur to prevent the use of the smaller gears.  Some commisaires may also require you to make the illegal gears unusable by wrapping them with tape and/or cable ties. Remember that your bike may be checked after the race – if the adjustments slip during the race, or if you get a spare wheel that has different gearing, you could be disqualified.  

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